Aaron Henry, 6’5″ small forward; Ben Davis – 2018


I've long been a fan of Ben Davis, 2018 wing, Aaron Henry. He's a physical player, a willing to great defender, and rebounds his position well. All of this speaks to his motor overall, and he has HM athleticism and a HM body.  It's time for HM's to get more involved with Henry.  

His biggest knocks were two things, as he has transitioned more of a 4 to a pure 3:

  • No right hand
  • Inconsistent to shaky outside shot

It's not conclusive at this point, but on the biggest stage, the 4A state championship game, Henry made two huge second half drives beating his defender to his right. Perhaps it was a read and just a show of faith to coaching, in the Fort Wayne North was sitting on his right hand, but he drove right, beat his man going right, and finished over size going to his right.

He's at a point with his shot that an open 3 is a good shot for him, and while his game off the dribble is mostly a floater game, it's becoming more and more the norm even from bigger players. He can bully his defender off the dribble, so he can finish in the paint with contact. As he becomes more comfortable shooting over his defender from range, or getting to a 3 or mid-range jump shot off one bounce, his offensive questions will start to be answered.

He's even gotten to a point where teams, Ben Davis and his Team Harris summer team, are running offense through him. He's efficient off the dribble making plays for others.

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